Top 6 Mileage Calculators in the UK
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Top 6 Mileage Calculators in the UK

If you frequently use your car for business, a mileage calculator can be a helping hand when working out your mileage claims. As such, we’ve reviewed the top six mileage claim calculators to help you choose the right one for whatever work-related journey you may take.

It speeds the mileage claim process up and makes it far less tedious. It assesses your distance driven, and if you frequently drive for pleasure, can help stay on top of things.

As such, we’ve reviewed six calculators to help you choose the right one, for whatever journey you may take. So, let’s begin!

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Why use a mileage calculator?

A mileage calculator speeds up the mileage claim process by calculating certain aspects of your journey, such as the journey distance and amount spent on fuel. This makes calculating mileage far less tedious and means you don’t have to do the maths yourself.

If you drive regularly, you probably agree that driving can be expensive, especially if you drive a long way and have high fuel costs. Using a mileage calculator, such as the ones we review below, can help you to determine how much a journey will cost you and budget accordingly.

In addition, we’ve reviewed mileage allowance calculators as well as mileage expense calculators which are particularly helpful if you drive for business as they can help you to understand the amount you can claim in business mileage.

The RAC Mileage Calculator

1. The RAC mileage allowance calculator

The RAC calculator is an advanced mileage allowance calculator that helps you to plan your journey, as well as determine how much you spent on fuel and your CO2 emissions.

The RAC calculator is great for:

  • Planning your route. Unlike many other mileage calculators, it also offers navigation and directions.
  • Calculating your mileage allowance for a business trip, provided you input your respected mileage rate.
  • Determining how much money you spent on fuel (if you know your fuel usage and price).

What the RAC calculator is missing:

  • The option to save journeys or calculations – you are only able to print or email them.

Autotrip Mileage Tracker

2. Autotrip: accurate mileage tracking solution that calculates everything automatically for you

For those who want to calculate their mileage automatically, there’s a solution. We are quite (and completely impartially) fond of our automatic mileage tracker, Autotrip. It’s perfect for people who are fed up of using mileage expense reimbursement calculators in excel and instead want to find a better way to manage mileage claims.

  • The tracker logs actual distance driven, so you don’t have to. The signal never drops in the car either.
  • Trips are automatically loaded onto the software, where you can select which ones were private or for business.
  • Our software then automatically calculates how much mileage you can claim, which you can then show to your management to proceed with reimbursement.

Learn more about us at and see how we’ve recorded over 7.8M miles and 482,000 business trips in the past year, saving our clients 1000s of hours that would have been otherwise spent logging mileage manually.

The AA Mileage Calculator

3. The AA mileage expense calculator

The AA offers a useful mileage calculator to help you track your mileage. Its simple design makes it easy to use, although also means it has fewer features than other calculators such as the RAC mileage calculator.

The AA mileage calculator main features are:

  • The option to save your journey history. You can also merge multiple trips and calculate the overall prices.
  • If you know the fuel price and your MPG, it calculates the estimated fuel cost for an entire journey.
  • By entering the start and end destination, it calculates the mileage driven for you based on what they consider to be the quickest route.

What the AA mileage calculator is missing:

  • The option to change your fuel type as it only calculates rates for petrol cars.
  • Route planning and navigation.
  • Help calculating mileage allowance for business trips.

 The Fuel Economy Mileage Calculator

4. Fuel Economy’s mileage calculator

Fuel Economy’s mileage calculator is a basic tool to help you determine how much you spend on fuel for journeys. To make the most of the calculator, you will need to know the distance of your journey, MPG, and fuel cost.

Provided you have the necessary information, the Fuel Economy calculator is useful to:

  • Calculate the required fuel for a journey before you go – so you can plan ahead and budget accordingly.
  • Convert MPG into litres per 60 miles.

What the Fuel Economy mileage calculator is missing:

  • The Fuel Economy’s mileage calculator doesn’t map out specific journeys or allow you to save your calculations.
  • There is no option to add a journey start and end point, so you have to know the mileage you have driven in advance to use the calculator.

The Journey Price Mileage Calculator

5. Journey Price mileage calculator

The Journey Price Calculator has a range of helpful features to work out the cost of fuel per person.

Although it’s a relatively basic calculator, it has some handy features such as:

  • An option to add drivers if you want to divide the petrol costs among multiple people. If you don’t want to include the driver, you can specify a profit margin. You can also easily make the journey a round-trip.
  • Automatic and daily fuel price updates.
  • There is a ‘non-optimal driving offset’ option which is the variation of the MPG value of your car due to variable driving conditions.

What the Journey Price mileage calculator is missing:

  • As petrol is the only fuel type, you can only use this calculator for petrol cars.
  • There is no route planning.
  • There is no option to save your calculations.

 The Comcar Mileage Calculator

6. Comcar mileage calculator

Comcar is the only annual mileage calculator we’re reviewing as it’s more common to claim mileage every month. However, if you’re self-employed and are tracking your miles for tax purposes, this is a convenient milage allowance calculator. Just bear in mind that it’s not that accurate, as you can only input how much mileage you do on an average week.

This mileage calculator could work for you if you claim your mileage annually and cover the same mileage every week, otherwise, we recommend using one of the other mileage calculators reviewed above.

We’ve explained about claiming mileage as self-employed in more detail here – How to Claim Mileage as Self Employed.

What’s next? Learn more about mileage claims:

There are a lot of HMRC rules to understand when it comes to recording business mileage and managing mileage claims. Reading through all the information on different websites can get confusing, which is why we have put together a complete guide to mileage claims, where our experts at Autotrip go through everything that you ought to know.

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