Top 6 Mileage Calculators in the UK
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Top 6 Mileage Calculators in the UK

If you frequently use your car for business, a mileage calculator can be a helping hand by doing all the maths for you.

It speeds the mileage claim process up and makes it far less tedious. It assesses your distance driven, and if you frequently drive for pleasure, can help stay on top of things.

As such, we’ve reviewed six calculators to help you choose the right one, for whatever journey you may take. So, let’s begin!


The AA Mileage Calculator

1. The AA is the one for you if you need an easy way of calculating your miles and need to do so often. It remembers your journey history without saving and offers a very straightforward layout. What makes it stand out however is:

  • The option to help plan your driving route. It’s based on what they consider to be the quickest and easiest way (but not necessarily the shortest).
  • A journey history of distance driven, that saves automatically. This enables you to merge multiple trips and calculate the overall prices.
  • If you know the fuel price and your mpg, it offers the rough fuel cost for the whole journey.


Autotrip Mileage Tracker

2. Never heard of them? Well, for those who want to calculate their mileage automatically, there’s a solution. We are quite (and completely impartially) fond of our automatic mileage tracker and software, AutotripIt’s perfect for those who want to find a better way to manage their mileage claims. However, it’s not suitable for journey planning. 

  • The tracker logs actual distance driven, so the driver doesn’t have to. The signal never drops in the car either.
  • Trips are automatically loaded onto the software, where the driver can select which ones were private or for business.
  • It’s then unquestionably simple for the driver to show management their route taken, and claim their mileage back.

There’s a lot more to bang on about, so read all about it here.


The RAC Mileage Calculator

3. The RAC calculator is a slightly more advanced mileage calculator. This will tick your boxes if you want to determine your car’s carbon emissions and if you’re driving for business, how much you can reclaim. It tells you:

  • Your specific CO2 emissions depending on your car size and engine.
  • Your mileage allowance if you input your respected mileage rate for a business trip.
  • If you know your fuel usage and cost, how much money you spent on fuel.


 The Fuel Economy Mileage Calculator

4. Fuel Economy’s trouble-free layout does boast high quality and it offers distinctive factors that the others don’t. It’s less of a route planner but suits the driver who wants to know potential distance driven in advance and how much petrol they’ll need perfectly. It can:

  • Calculate the required fuel for a journey before you take it – so you can plan ahead and budget accordingly.
  • If you aren’t aware of your MPG to help figure out the journey cost, you can calculate that too.
  • Convert MPG into litres per 100km.


The Journey Price Mileage Calculator

5. The Journey Price Calculator has the features you didn’t even know you needed. This is the one for you if you want to budget and prepare appropriately for a long, group journey. The features consist of: 

  • There’s an option to add drivers if you want to divide the petrol costs among yourselves. If you don’t want to include the driver, you can specify a profit margin.
  • The fuel price updates automatically and daily.
  • If you can’t drive optimally, there’s a ‘non-optimal driving offset’ option – which is the variation of the MPG value of your car due to variable driving conditions.


 The Comcar Mileage Calculator

6. Comcar is the only annual mileage calculator we’re reviewing as it’s more common to claim mileage every month. However, if you’re self-employed and are tracking your miles for tax reasons, this is for you. However, it’s not that accurate, as you can only input how much mileage you do in a week.

This is the one for you if: you claim your mileage annually (obviously) and cover the same mileage every week. Or if you’re self-employed and want to know how many miles you’ve done for tax purposes.


And that’s that.

Start using one of these calculators today, and you’ll wonder why you never were before. If we have missed a calculator you recommend, leave a comment and we’ll look into adding it to the list!

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