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Claim Your Business Mileage Expenses Accurately

Track your business trips automatically and move away from manual methods
that are slowing you down from running your business.


No more wasted time. No more time stressing over mileage tax rebates.


Capture all business mileage automatically, classify trips with ease and create mileage reports in seconds.

Time Saving

Send all of your documentation to your accountant directly from Autotrip and get your mileage expenses deducted easily.

Increased Profits

Reclaim your full VAT entitlement on your business mileage and easily allocate trip expenses to each of your clients.

Peace of Mind

Store all mileage logs online and don’t get caught off guard with unexpected tax inspections.


Always running in the background, never running out of battery.

1. Automatic Mileage Tracking

Our GPS mileage tracker patches trips up when the signal drops to ensure all your mileage is recorded accurately.

2. Easy To Use

You can plug our GPS tracker into your car in just a few seconds, and you won’t have to touch it ever again.

3. Trip Classification

You can easily classify which of your trips are business or personal, and choose what to include in your mileage report.

4. Annual Report Summary

Quickly create a report that includes all of the business trips taken during the tax year for your mileage tax rebate.

5. Pre-Configured Reports

Use our pre-configured mileage reports to ensure HMRC compliance and attach notes, receipts and any other relevant documents.

6. Automatic VAT Calculations

We calculate the VAT on your business mileage automatically, based on your car’s model and engine size.

7. Online Record Keeping

We secure all your mileage history in the cloud, to access anytime from any device with Autotrip.

8. Trip Log

View all business trips in detail with all start and end dates, times, maps of the routes and miles driven.

9. Vehicle Recovery

If you don’t know where your vehicle is, our GPS tracker will help you recover it by showing you its last location on a map.

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The Easiest Way To Track Business Mileage

Join the 1,000s already claiming mileage automatically. Save up to £850 per annum, per car in time savings alone. Try now with no obligation and no risk.