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All You Need to Manage a Fleet of Private Vehicles

Get rid of outdated manual processes. Automate your mileage claims
and manage your fleet with no effort.


An easy to use solution that you drivers will approve of.

No Manual Processes

Capture all business mileage automatically and spend less time reviewing and approving claims.

Reduce Mileage Costs

Reduce mileage costs by ensuring drivers are reimbursed the correct amount, speed up the time it takes to approve and pay expenses.

Ensure HMRC compliance

Store all mileage records online and don’t get caught off guard with unexpected tax inspection.

Oversee Your Entire Fleet

Manage your entire fleet, with all the data you need in one centralised place.


An all in one solution to manage your fleet.

1. Simple Approval Process

From tracking business trips to approving mileage claims, Autotrip helps you implement an approval process that makes your life easy.

2. Automatic Mileage Tracking

If the car is on, so is our mileage tracker. No need to worry about switching it on to record business trips.

3. Trip Classification and Privacy

Drivers can easily classify which trips are business or personal, and choose what to include in their mileage reports.

4. Fleet Management Dashboard

Have your own dashboard to analyse your fleets mileage and see how much each driver has claimed in the tax year.

5. Automatic VAT Calculations

Reclaim the full VAT on your fleets’ business mileage, based on the engine size and mileage for each vehicle.

6. Carbon Footprint Reports

Track your carbon footprint and reduce your fleet emissions with our CO2 reports.

7. Easy Payments

Send all approved mileage claims to your finance department directly from Autotrip.

8. Trip Log

View all business trips in detail with start and end dates, times, maps of the routes and miles driven.

9. Suitable For Any Fleet Size

Supports businesses of any size, regardless of whether your fleet is small, large, grey, company owned or even mixed.

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The Easiest Way To Track Business Mileage

Join the 1,000s already claiming mileage automatically. Save up to £850 per annum, per car in time savings alone. Try now with no obligation and no risk.