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Choose the Right Plan for You

Manage your mileage with ease whether self-employed or operating grey fleets and company cars.


Best for 1-10 vehicles

Easy to use software for SMEs and self employed individuals


per driver, per month paid annually (+ VAT)

Includes Access to:

Trip Log

Gain a full overview of all your drivers’ business trips including the start and end date, times, map of the route taken and miles driven. All trips are safely stored in the cloud.

HMRC Report Templates

Ensure 100% compliance by using one of our HMRC report templates or use one of our custom reports to set your own fuel rates.

Work Hours

Let Autotrip automatically allocate trips made during work hours as business, while trips made during outside this time as personal.

VAT Reclaim

Autotrip calculates the VAT on your business mileage automatically to make it easier for you to reclaim and save money.

Lost Mobile Signal

Driving through a tunnel or entering an area with no mobile coverage? No problem. Autotrip patches the trip when signal is regained so no miles are missed.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

In the (hopefully) unlikely event a vehicle is stolen, our tracking facility will help you locate it. Drivers can also see on a map where their vehicle is currently located in case they forgot where they left it!

CO2 Emissions Reports

Our software calculates CO2 emissions for each car model based on accurate mileage data. This will help you unlock efficiency gains, both environmentally and financially, and can be used to back carbon reduction strategies.

Client Expenses Reports

Allocate different trips to each of your clients and make sure that the right mileage is claimed to the right trip. Even give each trip in a report a purpose for travel.

Document Upload

Have the ability to attach fuel receipts, job notes or other relevant documents to mileage claim reports.

Private Mileage Deduction Reports

If your business deducts private mileage from your drivers’ salary, we have a report that enables this - still keeping each personal trip private for the driver.


Best for 10+ vehicles

Individualised support to help fleet operators manage at scale

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All of Essential plus:

Report Approval

Review in detail each one of your drivers’ mileage claim reports before approving or rejecting them. View all business trips claimed alongside maps of actual routes taken, download reports in either PDF or CSV and check all attached documents.

Driver Summary

See the claim value for each driver, how much they have driven during the current month and tax year, and the volume of their approved or rejected mileage claim reports.


Speed up the reimbursement process by letting Autotrip automatically send all approved mileage claim reports to your finance department for reimbursement.

KPI Dashboard

Gain a full overview of your fleet from one single place. Keep track of total mileage, the number of mileage claims submitted, and use our detailed graphics to measure the increase of claims over time.

Account Manager

One of our specialists will give you continuous support, share mileage management best practices and audit your company’s account every month to ensure that your drivers are using Autotrip correctly.

Implementation Support

We deliver onboarding training to your entire team, help you install the GPS devices in all your vehicles and create mileage claim reports for each driver, so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Odometer Readings

Enter your odometer reading and we'll count all of your miles automatically for you. This will help those who use personal vehicles keep track of their current tax year mileage.

Reporting Tools (on its way)

Find opportunities to reduce mileage cost by gaining access to advanced excel reports which will help you analyse your fleets travel patterns in detail.

Frequenty Asked Questions

1. How does the trial work?

The trial is free and lasts for 30 days. It will start when you receive your GPS mileage tracker. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with Autotrip, you can cancel anytime by emailing us and returning the tracker.

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2. How long does it take to receive my GPS device?

On average, our customers receive their GPS devices 2 working days after confirming their subscription. You will also be able to start using Autotrip right after you receive your device, which automatically starts working once you plug it into your car’s OBDII port. Also, no need to worry about the waiting time – we start the subscription period only after you receive your device.

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3. Are there any hidden fees?

No, we don’t charge any hidden fees. The subscription that you choose to purchase will give you access to a GPS device, our software and all the features that we have to offer. We will also contact you before renewing your subscription so we won’t charge you any additional fees without your consent.

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4. What should I do if my device stops working?

Our GPS device has a lifetime warranty and we guarantee that you will always have access to an operational device, as long as you have an active Autotrip subscription. In the eventuality of a device defect, you will be able to send it back to us, and we will send a replacement right away at no cost.

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5. How does the device work?

The GPS device connects to the OBDII (OnBoard Diagnostics) port, which exists in any car, usually under the steering wheel, and it turns on/off automatically when the car engine is started/ stopped. As well, before sending you our GPS device, we check whether or not we also need to send you an extension cable, just in case your OBD port is too small for our device.

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6. What if I need some help and want to ask some questions?

Our customer support team is available from Monday to Friday, from 9h00 to 18h00. Our agents are based in the UK and support solely UK businesses, and they are well experienced to clarify any questions that you might have.

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