New Feature: Odometer Readings
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New Feature: Odometer Readings

We’ve been listening, and collecting all your feedback and are excited to announce that we are ready to release our latest feature: A digital odometer.

You can now enter your vehicle’s odometer reading directly into your Autotrip account. You’ll only need to enter this once, and we’ll count all of your miles automatically and update your digital odometer for you.

For those of you using personal vehicles for business purposes, we have also added a tax year mileage field. This allows you to keep track of your current tax year mileage for your Mileage Allowance Payments. You will have full visibility of when you reach that 10,000 miles threshold and your second rate kicks in.

We have also given the vehicles page a fresh new look so you can easily check all your vehicle information is correct and up to date. You will be able to check important information such as:

  • When your tax is due
  • If your MOT is close to expiring
  • Your vehicle’s last live location

With the move to our new system, we are now able to release new features at a much faster rate than before. So please let us know what you would like to see introduced next by contacting us on our live chat or email [email protected]

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