Autotrip is now available for free on iOS and Android
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Autotrip is now available for free on iOS and Android

We’re happy to announce the next big step in revolutionising the way businesses and drivers manage mileage expenses. With our new mobile app, you can now record trips using just your phone, with no GPS tracker required. The app also comes with an unlimited trip allowance, enabling you to track all your mileage for free.

With 750,000 trips logged and over 12 million miles recorded, it’s been an incredible journey so far for Autotrip. The latest step in that journey is driven by our desire to deliver maximum convenience to our customers.

Available on iOS and Android, our London tech team has built the new app to make it even easier for businesses of all types and sizes to manage travel expenses, enabling drivers to record their mileage without having to use a GPS tracker.

The introduction of the app alongside the existing tracker widens the number of options available to our customers. When choosing what’s right for them, our customers can take into account factors such as:

  • business and driver preferences
  • whether vehicles are company provided or privately owned
  • level of mileage driven
  • fleet size and others

For many businesses, fitting an always on dedicated GPS tracker into their vehicles is ideal, while others may prefer drivers to use their phones. Thanks to our new app, all mileage claim needs are now fully met:


It’s a new product for us and we’d love you to download Autotrip. We listened carefully to many drivers and businesses based in the UK when developing the app, and we’d love to hear from you too.

Explore our new-look website

You may have also noticed that our website looks completely different. This allows you to experience how the new app works and to download it from our site. Don’t forget that our blog is also worth bookmarking as an up to date source of information, hints and tips for all aspects of UK travel expense management.

Special offer for new mobile app users

To celebrate the app launch, new mobile app users can record as many trips as they want for free. The unlimited trip allowance will allow drivers to automatically track all their business mileage and claim everything they’re entitled to with no hassle

We may add a limit to the number of trips that can be recorded monthly in the future, but for now, anyone who downloads the app will be able to use it for free. 💪

Ready to give it a try and record all your mileage for free? Click here and download Autotrip for free.

For any questions, please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

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