New Feature: New Mileage Claim Reports
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New Feature: New Mileage Claim Reports

This month we thought it was about time we updated our mileage claim reports to match the new Autotrip:


As well as updating the look and feel of our reports we have also been collecting all of your feedback on how you think we could improve this area. We are happy to announce some cool new features that I will take you through now:

  • Odometer Readings: Since the release of our new odometer section, we are now able to include the start and end odometer readings for each reporting period. This can be found at the top of your report.
  • Trip Times: Back by popular demand, we have added each trip’s start and end time to help you keep track of each of your turns.
  • Compressing our PDFs: For our high mileage customers out there, you expressed how long some of your reports were getting under the old format. We have compressed each row so that we can now include up to 20 trips per page in our PDF reports.

If you are not yet using Autotrip but would like to have a look at a sample report, please enter your email below and we will send you a sample PDF and CSV report.

We want you to be the main force driving our new product development at Autotrip. Please feel free to reach out with any new feature requests or improvements that would make our system as useful as possible for you.

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