Autotrip: May Feature Release
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Autotrip: May Feature Release

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to simplify Autotrip even further with the goal of making the mileage claim process as easy as possible. We listened to all your feedback and have reimagined the way reports are created in Autotrip.

The first thing you will notice is that there are no more Report Templates, and combined this system with the main Reports page. We then set out to make the process as automated and as fast as possible, as you will find out below:

1. Automatic HMRC Mileage Rates

We now automatically calculate the HMRC rates based on your engine size, fuel type and type of vehicle (company or private). Taking the confusion out of what rate to use, our system will work it out for you and update as and when HMRC makes any changes.

If your company uses custom rates, don’t worry, you can set a custom rate for your vehicles that will be remembered whenever you create a report.

2. New Date Range

We also simplified our date range to show the previous month by default, but if you don’t make monthly reports, our system will remember your default settings. We have also added a full tax year range for those looking to make an annual report.

3. Live Preview

Next, we wanted to change the way reports were generated. Previously, you would not see a summary of your report until after you created it, resulting in potential mistakes and having to delete reports.

Now, you are able to have an interactive live view of your report that will update as you change the filters. You can also preview the PDF that you will generate before you create it. All of this will ensure that your report is as accurate as possible before creation.

With all of these updates, you will be able to create your monthly report with one simple click, saving you time and hassle every month. Pretty cool, right? But that’s not all, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes and have two more features to announce, Merge and Split Trips.

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4. Merge Trips

The first is the ability to merge trips. There are some situations where our system will record a stop where there was not one, for example, if you are stuck in a long traffic jam. This is why we have added the ability to merge two or more trips that are less than 2.5 hours apart.

This will allow you to keep your driving records as up to date as possible. It will also save you time down the line when classifying your trips and allocate trip expenses to each one of your clients if needed.

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5. Split Trips

Finally, we have added the option to split trips, which you may want to use to divide up your journeys into smaller sections. For example, if you are a delivery driver making lots of small journeys in one go or if you want to divide up your commute to make the most of the 10-mile rule.

We have added a simple slider that will allow you to divide up your journey at a specified point. Our system will also automatically recognise likely stops to make the process even easier. This will help you make sure your claims are as accurate as possible and will make the process of reviewing your journeys much simpler.

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Our goal at Autotrip is to automate the entire mileage claim process, saving businesses and people time and money. We rely on your feedback to help us improve our product, so if you have any feedback or any features you would like us to work on next please, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

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