How Common Are Exaggerated Expense Claims in the UK?
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How Common Are Exaggerated Expense Claims in the UK?

We know that this won’t be of interest to you drivers out there, but we believe employers will find this very interesting! Research completed by software company, webexpenses, has revealed that over 15% of UK respondents admitted to having exaggerated an expense claim. This includes expenses such as mileage/fuel, food and drink, public transport and car parking.

How Many of These Respondents Admitted to Over-claiming on Their Mileage/Fuel?

Over 40% of them said that they had over-claimed on mileage/fuel. It’s very easy to over-claim on mileage/fuel expenses simply by rounding up miles to the nearest 1, 5 or 10 miles for example. That alone can add a considerable amount of extra miles to any mileage expense report per employee. As a result, current estimates of expense fiddling in the UK are hitting £3.5 billion per year.

The number one reason (almost 25%) these respondents used to justify why they fiddled their expenses was because ‘everyone else does it’, therefore feeling that it is normal and acceptable to do that. 15% of these respondents also felt they could exaggerate their claims because they knew they could get away with it. Many companies have a large number of employees claiming business mileage/fuel, so it is difficult and unrealistic for them to check every single trip to ensure that the mileage is correct. Therefore this over-claiming very often goes undetected. Webexpenses research found that 82% of respondents who had admitted to having exaggerated their claims have never been caught. The majority of the remaining 18% who did get caught still only suffered minor consequences such as a ‘ticking off’ or a ‘very cross boss’ – not enough that they would be deterred from doing it again.

How Can We Help?

When using Autotrip, all the mileage your drivers complete is automatically recorded in their individual accounts. This can’t be edited so the only way there could be an over-claim is if a driver was to claim a personal trip as a business trip – which is easy to detect. Autotrip therefore significantly reduces the number of exaggerated miles that a driver might claim and in turn saves company’s money. In order to avoid that big brother feel, the driver is the only one with access to their account and their employer can only see the trips the driver chooses to submit to them, nothing else.

But the employer is not the only one that can benefit from using Autotrip. Employees save a significant amount of time by having their mileage automatically logged. At the end of the month, time spent on reporting mileage claims is significantly reduced and therefore helps to speed up the process in which they get their expenses reimbursed. It also removes the likelihood of forgetting to claim for a journey.

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