Step 1 – install

Self-install AutoTrip’s GPS mileage tracker in seconds.

Our plug-and-play, GPS device fits into any car. It plugs directly into your OBDII port (OnBoard Diagnostics), generally located just under your steering wheel or in your console. Almost anyone can fit it in a few seconds, making the setup process simple! Our automatic trip detection starts recording all your trips immediately, with no need for any intervention. We’ve created a system that never misses a mile – even when GPS signal drops out!
GPS mileage tracker and web app with the best mileage capture accuracy
GPS mileage tracker and web app with the best mileage capture accuracy

Step 2 – drive

AutoTrip automatically records and save your journeys as you drive.

AutoTrip captures and saves your trips to your private account as you drive. By automatically recording all your trips we’ve removed the need for manual logbooks, saving you the countless hours spent working out your business mileage. You can log in from any device, wherever you are to review all your trips, easily categorising them as personal or business. All your trips will be stored securely in the cloud, so you’ll never have to worry about remembering where you went.
GPS mileage tracker and web app with the best mileage capture accuracy

Step 3 – reclaim

AutoTrip ensures you’re reimbursed a full and fair mileage allowance.

AutoTrip saves you valuable time when reclaiming mileage. With all of your journeys captured and recorded to your personal account, you can create weekly, monthly or annual mileage expense reports in just a few minutes. Each report is 100% compliant with HMRC regulations, giving you the peace of mind to reclaim your full allowance without putting yourself in jeopardy of unexpected penalties.  Simply log in to your account, download your trips and submit them straight to your manager in minutes.
GPS mileage tracker and web app with the best mileage capture accuracy

What’s next?

Managing reimbursements

Integrate your businesses expensing system with Autotrip

AutoTrip ensures you get reimbursed quickly. A full mileage expense report can be sent directly to management for approval, saving administration time and speeding up the approval process. Whilst AutoTrip’s GPS device does all the hard work capturing accurate mileage data, our online account can be used to automate the end-to-end process for business mileage reimbursements.
GPS mileage tracker and web app reports with the best mileage capture accuracy

What else?

Smart Solutions

Better ways to manage your mileage and fleet administration

We’re building a connected platform to ease the burden of business and fleet administration, integrating your mileage data with smart solutions. Our core offering focusing on business mileage claims, however, we haven’t stopped there. AutoTrip provides an accurate and comprehensive view of your fleets mileage, and as such we’ve integrated analytical solutions for you to assess your fuel consumption, garner insight into your fleets travel patterns and accurately report your carbon footprint – automatically! This allows a cost savings and directly impacts the bottom line.

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