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Automate Your Mileage Claim Process

Find out how we deliver a solution that is accurate, compliant and gives peace of mind to the business and the driver, in four easy steps.





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  • Plug in a GPS device that fits in any vehicle
  • When the car starts, your device will start recording automatically
  • All your trips will appear in your account, ready to revise

"I like how easy it is to download detailed mileage reports straight into Excel, and it now takes me just 10 minutes to do my mileage claims each month."

Steven Davies

Managing Director at Temple West Accounting

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  • Drivers can classify which of their trips are business or personal
  • Every trip has a link to a map - making it easy to review
  • Drivers have the option to keep all their personal trips private

"The company now has accurate mileage reports that are fully HMRC compliant. It saves me and our drivers a huge amount of time!"

Janet Brook

Senior Client Support Specialist at Bark Co.

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  • Reports are pre-configured to ensure HMRC compliance, suitable for any business
  • Detailed mileage reports can be easily submitted for approval
  • Allocate your designated mileage rate on a per vehicle basis

"Thanks to Autotrip, I now claim my full mileage allowance where before I usually wouldn't bother. I'm amazed how much it adds up!"

David Jinks

Decorator at Gregg and Sons

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  • Use our administration dashboard to view submitted claims
  • Manage everything on the go with your mobile, tablet or laptop
  • Keep an accurate history of mileage claims, all in one place

“ I haven't looked back since using Autotrip's software. Great service and an easy to navigate app.”

Belinda Jahraus

Accountant at Incentive Ventures

1. Easy and Accurate

Your GPS installs underneath the steering wheel and automatically starts recording with high precision

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2. Support

We provide constant help with mileage management best practices, account audits, on-boarding training and much more.

3. No Signal Worry

Going through a tunnel? Doesn’t matter - our awesome technology will patch the journey up for an accurate claim.

4. Vehicle Recovery

In the unlikely event of losing the vehicle, drivers can see the last location on a map.

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5. No Fuss

If the car is on, so is the GPS. No need to worry about switching it on or off.

6. The Cloud

All mileage history is secured in the cloud, to access anytime from any device with our app.

1. Set Automatic Work Hours

Drivers can set flexible work hours which will automatically allocate all trips made during those working time as business trips.

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2. Assign Trips

Simply assign trip expenses to each respective client and attach receipts to mileage claim reports.

3. Journey Classification

Every trip has a link to a map of the route taken, making it simple to classify which trips are business or private and even add your own notes.

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4. Suggested Trips

To fill in gaps, we automatically detect when a trip was missed and provide suggestions that can either be rejected or confirmed.

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5. Privacy

Drivers can choose what to include in a report and keep their personal trips private.

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6. Merge Trips

Drivers can easily merge their trips together if stopped for under two hours.

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1. Multiple Templates

We offer set report templates to suit anyone and any business: For fleets of company or private vehicles, mileage claims, private mileage deductions, you name it.

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2. Easy to Create Reports

Extremely accurate reports can be created with just a few clicks with attached receipts, job notes and other necessary documents.

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5. Easy Claims

Drivers can simply log into their account, download reports and submit them straight to management in both PDF or Excel.

3. Rate Flexibility

As employers, you can choose the rate you wish to apply, or you can choose our default HMRC template.

4. Odometer Readings (coming soon)

Gain access to real-time readings and mileage alerts for all vehicles.

6. Private Mileage Deduction

We offer reports for businesses which deducts private mileage from the driver’s salary.

1. Dashboard Access

Managers have their own dashboard to manage everything: maps of all business trips, approve and store mileage claims for all drivers easily.

2. Carbon Footprint

We include CO2 reports to help you track your fleet emissions and implement carbon reduction strategies.

3. Driver Summary

See how much each driver has driven in the tax year, and their approved report rate.

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4. Payments

Autotrip can automatically send all approved mileage claim reports to your finance department.

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5. Reclaim VAT

We calculate your VAT claim for you, based on the engine size and mileage for each vehicle.

6. HMRC Compliant

Enjoy being 100% HMRC compliant and avoid potential fines.

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