Smart Categorisation

AutoTrip automatically categorises your business and personal mileage.

Claiming your mileage allowance has never been easier with AutoTrip’s smart categorisation. AutoTrip pre-classifies trips it thinks will be business related for drivers to review in their personal account. Over time, AutoTrip learns common routes and patterns, enabling accurate business mileage tracking for your business fleet. Drivers can enjoy a fast, simple selection process and say goodbye to forgotten mileage claims with AutoTrip.
easy catagorisation

Automatic Detection

Capture every mile automatically, with no need for manual mileage logs.

AutoTrip captures all your trips automatically, recording and saving every trip to your private account. Sitting out-of-sight in each vehicle, we’ll automatically track your business mileage, saving you the time and hassle of manual mileage logs. With the latest in GPS technology and multi-network connectivity, we ensure 99.7% accuracy even when GPS drops out!
Capture every mile automatically - GPS tracker with a HMRC compliant mileage rate - Autotrip

Access Anywhere Software

AutoTrip accurately records and saves all your trip to a private and secure account.

Remembering and recording all your trips can often be a burden, with the majority of business mileage claims submitted retrospectively. AutoTrip allows you to report your mileage wherever you may be, staying up-to-date on claims and improving their overall accuracy. By accurately tracking your business mileage, AutoTrip ensures that wherever you are, you’ll be able to log in to your account and report in minutes.
Access from any device - GPS tracker with a HMRC compliant mileage rate - Autotrip

HMRC Reporting

AutoTrip automatically records a full and compliant mileage log for every driver in your fleet, and allows you to reclaim VAT for the business.

HMRC has stepped up its targeting of inaccurate mileage claims, reclaiming over-claimed amounts in addition to handing out hefty penalties. AutoTrip makes business mileage tracking and reporting process simple, automatically maintaining an accurate log for every driver. This mitigates any tax risk that might arise in the event of a HMRC inspection, saving money on reclaims and eliminating the risk of penalties. In additional, the business can quickly reclaim the VAT entitlement for business mileage, as AutoTrip calculates the reclaim based on vehicle and mileage data for every vehicle.
HMRC compliant - The Most Accurate Business Mileage Solution

CO2 Reporting

AutoTrip enables operational and environmental efficiency through accurate, reliable mileage data.

AutoTrip quickly calculates the CO2 emissions for your fleet, based on accurate mileage data. Business mileage tracking enables a clear representation of your fleets carbon footprint, and coupled with vehicle data, provides a benchmark for every vehicle within the fleet. This insight helps to inform company policy and can help unlock efficiency gains, both environmentally and financially, helping to implement carbon reduction strategies. With accurate mileage data, the business can effectively garner insight into their fleet impact and structure.  
Advanced-features - GPS tracker with a HMRC compliant mileage rate - Autotrip

API Integration

Integrate your expensing system with AutoTrip for seamless administration and reporting.

Managing and approving mileage claims can be cumbersome and frustrating, adding up to hours of administration time. An outdated mileage reporting system can cost your business time, money and unnecessary tax risk through inaccuracy and complication.  AutoTrip is the only solution that considers the end-to-end expensing process for business mileage claims, allowing you to manage the approval process simply and efficiently, ensuring effect use of resources for the business.  Built on an open API, AutoTrip can integrate with most SaaS accounting and expensing platforms, enabling seamless operational efficiency and simple administration.
Well Integrated GPS tracker diagram with a HMRC compliant mileage rate - Autotrip

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