The 9 Best Mileage Tracker Apps in the UK – 2019
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The 9 Best Mileage Tracker Apps in the UK – 2019

Recent research shows that 89% of drivers’ business mileage claims are inaccurate, costing UK businesses millions of pounds every year. However, no longer do businesses have to ask their drivers to spend long hours recording every single business trip in a logbook or spreadsheet.

Mileage tracker apps are saving UK businesses thousands of hours every month recording and reimbursing claims. What was a massive burden to mobile workforces, is today something that can be easily automated, regardless of industry or tech savviness.

With Making Tax Digital becoming increasingly prominent, using the best mileage apps is more relevant than ever. Even nowadays, 9 in 10 businesses don’t keep adequate mileage records, from HMRC’s perspective, often due to the usage of outdated tracking methods.

So what makes a really great mileage tracker app if you’re in the UK? This is what you should look for:

Mileage Tracker App Key Features:

  1. An easy to use interface
  2. Automatic & >99% accurate mileage tracking
  3. Easy classification of business and personal trips
  4. Respect drivers’ privacy by keeping their personal trips private
  5. HMRC compliant reports & VAT reclaim calculations
  6. Automatic HMRC mileage rate updates
  7. Easy mileage claim reviewal process
  8. Storage of records in the cloud for a minimum of 6 years

With this in mind, we listed below the best mileage tracker apps in the UK in 2019 so that you can quickly identify the right one for your business.

1. Autotrip

We’re Autotrip, so hope you don’t mind if we back our app as one of the best on the market.

Autotrip’s web app can be used by businesses of any size, regardless of whether you have a fleet of cars or you’re a self employed with a single private vehicle.

Apart from its ease of use, Autotrip was built with accuracy in mind. We know that accurate claims are essential, particularly for those who need to record mileage correctly for tax purposes or need to pay employees the right amount for their mileage expenses.

Key Highlights:

  • GPS mileage tracker: Autotrip’s plug & play tracker is easy to install and fits into any vehicle, running in the background and recording all mileage automatically.
  • No smartphone needed: Every single mile captured is stored safely in the cloud directly from the tracker, without having to use your smartphone’s battery or data.
  • Simple approval process: If you manage a team of drivers, you can store all claims in one single place, quickly review them and send them directly to payroll from Autotrip.

Main Features:

  • Drivers’ privacy: All personal trips are absolutely kept private, being only visible to the driver.
  • HMRC compliance: Mileage rates are automatically updated and reports contain all of the info required by HMRC for keeping adequate mileage records.
  • CO2 emission reports: Autotrip shows you your carbon footprint by calculating the CO2 emissions for each car model based on accurate mileage data.
  • VAT reclaim: VAT is also calculated based on the total business mileage made.
  • Private mileage deductions: If you deduct private mileage from your drivers’ salaries, you can use one of the available reports to support this policy.

Any business can start a 14 day free trial and there are no commitments – the trial can be cancelled anytime and it comes with the mileage tracker for free. From then, Autotrip starts from £6.99 per driver, per month.

The team is also based in the UK and provides real-time support, free shipping and a lifetime warranty on every tracker.

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2. Tripcatcher

Tripcatcher is a low-cost mileage tracker app that caters mostly to accountants and drivers of private vehicles. The app is available on both iOS and Android, it lets you save your trips manually and calculate your business mileage for your claims.


  • Automatic distance calculator: Tripcatcher calculates the distance between two points automatically if you type the start and end addresses.
  • Enter recurring trips: If you’re working at one site for several days or weeks, you can select the date range of your trips, enter the details and save all trips in one go.
  • Save favourite trips: You can save business trips previously made so that when you next claim for the same trip, you can select it from your list of favourites and save it.

Other features worth mentioning are: calculation of the VAT claim amount on fuel expenses (see here how VAT claims are calculated), accounting integrations and unlimited invitation of clients/ employees. Subscription plans start at £1.49 per employee per month.

3. Abax

Abax is a vehicle and plant tracking solution that helps larger companies gain an overview of where their assets are. With its headquarters in Norway, the company offers a plenitude of features such as driving behaviour, mileage claim solutions and equipment control.


  • Tracking hardware: You can track your mileage by using their discreet tracking unit, which you can fit into a car in under 10 minutes.
  • Data storage: Mileage records are archived up to 7 years to ensure HMRC compliance.
  • Claim reviewal process: Records are standardised and ready to be quality checked, and unapproved trips can be returned to the driver with comments from the manager.

Other features that we liked: live vehicle tracking, automatic mileage rate updates and trip information being only visible to the driver

Pricing is not available on the website, as it depends on the solutions that you decide to purchase and the number of assets that you would like to track.

4. Everlance

Everlance is an automatic mileage tracker and expense log based in the US that can also be used in the UK. Available on both iOS and Android, Everlance was founded in 2015 and is now one of the most used mileage tracker apps across the pond.


  • Review trips: Employers can review actual trips taken on a map to guarantee that drivers are reimbursed a fair amount.
  • Expense tracking: You can upload receipts and also sync bank and credit cards, but some of these options might be limited in the UK yet
  • Revenue tracking: For rideshare drivers, Everlance lets you input the amount that you earned for each trip made.

Other main features: accounting integrations, unlimited receipt uploads and advanced PDF & excel reports. Everlance offers a free plan that is limited to up to 30 trips each month, but you can use their premium plan without trip limits from £6 per month if billed monthly.

5. Quickbooks

Quickbooks Self Employed is an accounting software for self employed to help organise income and expenses. We added Quickbooks to the list because it also comes with an app which you can use to track your deductible mileage for your self assessment tax return.


  • Track deductible mileage: Track your mileage automatically and separate personal from business trips with a single swipe.
  • Send invoices: Send unlimited invoices by email and track which ones have been read.
  • Estimate income tax payments: Get a good idea of how much to set aside for HMRC based on your income and deductible expenses

Other features: HMRC self assessment support, separation of business and personal transaction and connection of multiple bank accounts. Pricing starts from £7.99 per month.

6. MileCatcher

We added MileCatcher to this list of best mileage apps because it’s currently present in 13 countries, being one of the most established solutions on the market. It’s most suitable for freelancers, contractors and small entrepreneurs.


  • Auto classify: Classify your trips once using auto-classify so you don’t have to keep entering the same data over and over again.
  • Custom rates: You can set your own custom corporate rates in case your business is not using HMRC recommended mileage rates.
  • Web portal: Share access to your business trips, expense trips against a project and build your missing log with multi-trip copy and paste, and more.

Other features: trip classification without opening the app, set trip purpose and business work hours. Their paid plans start at £3.99 if you pay for a 1 year subscription, or £5.00 if you pay for 6 months in advance.

7. TripLog

Triplog is a mileage tracker app that comes originally from the US west coast and offers various subscription plans, together with multiple mileage tracking options to fit different business needs.


  • Triplog beacon: Track your mileage with an iBeacon device using bluetooth technology (but you still need the app for this to function properly).
  • Daily trip journey: See and classify all your trips for each day together, and name common locations with just a few clicks.
  • Daily map view: Look at your driving route for the entire day and swipe through the trip cards to review them.

Some of the main features: unlimited data history, weekly and monthly summary emails and customisable analytics dashboards. Triplog offers a free plan that includes some of these features and manual tracking and their paid plans start at £1.60 per month, paid monthly.

8. MileIQ

MileIQ is another mileage tracker app that comes from the US which was acquired a few years ago by Microsoft. It’s possibly the most well known mileage app in both the US and the UK and it’s suitable for both individuals and teams.


  • Mileage insights: MileIQ sends you weekly mileage reports, and you also have access to a web dashboard with an overview of your account status.
  • Office 365: The unlimited plan is included with an Office 365 business premium subscription.
  • Available across all devices: Smartphone, tablet, smartphone and in the cloud – you can access MileIQ anywhere from any of your devices.

Other features worth mentioning are: automatic mileage recording, one swipe classification and accounting integrations. MileIQ offers a free plan that includes 40 trips per month and their unlimited plan starts from £4.99 per month, paid monthly.

9. Driversnote

Driversnote is a small SaaS startup based in Copenhagen and their mileage tracker app is available on both iOS and Android in the UK. Similar to some other mileage apps, they offer the option to track trips with their mobile app or through a tracking device.


  • Enter manual trips: For those that forget to track trips, you can always add a trip later on and Driversnote will calculate the route for you.
  • Manage locations: The app automatically selects previously used locations and when you drive to a new destination, it suggests companies nearby.
  • Odometer log: You can log the status of your car’s odometer manually, and you can set reminders not to forget to do so when needed.

Other features that we liked: auto tracking with iBeacon, customisation of reimbursement rates and mileage log for multiple vehicles.

There is a free plan that lets you record up to 20 trips per month manually and the basic paid plan starts from £8 per month. If you want to purchase the iBeacon, it comes with an extra cost of £22.

What Should I Do Next?

Our list of best mileage tracker apps gives you a lot of choices, but if you want to give it a shot with Autotrip, you can simply click on the live chat in the bottom right side of the screen and our customer support team is happy to help you with any questions.

So far, we’ve already recorded over 8.5 million miles and 515,000 trips in the UK alone, saving our clients 1000s of hours that would have been otherwise spent logging mileage manually.

Still Not Sure?

There are a lot of HMRC rules to understand when it comes to recording business mileage and managing mileage claims, so it’s important to make sure that you know how to record mileage correctly before making any decisions.

However, reading through all the information on different websites can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together a complete guide to mileage claims. Here, our experts at Autotrip go through everything that you ought to know and hopefully help you choose the best mileage app for your specific needs.

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