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AutoTrip saves valuable employee time, recording mileage claims automatically.

Mileage claims can be a hassle! Time spent collating, submitting and processing mileage claims adds up, with employees wasting hours of valuable time every month manually calculating business mileage. AutoTrip reduces this to just a few minutes, giving your employees more time to focus on the things that matter. AutoTrip automatically records all your mileage, removing a time-consuming manual process. Improve your productivity today with our easy to use, accurate system.

Admin efficiency - automate business mileage claims with our GPS Mileage Tracker

100% Accurate Mileage Claims

AutoTrip accurately records and saves all your journeys to a private and secure account.

Missed trips can cost you and your business money on mileage claims, with the business also missing out on the VAT entitlements of missed business mileage. AutoTrip ensures that an up-to-date and complete mileage history is recorded to your account so that you can submit accurate and compliant mileage claims in minutes. AutoTrip ensures all business mileage is recorded accurately by using statistical, signal processing and machine learning techniques to accomplish 100% accuracy. AutoTrip captures every mile, allowing you to reclaim your full entitlement.
Great user experience - automate business mileage claims

100% HMRC Compliance

AutoTrip ensures a full and compliant mileage log, stored securely in the cloud.

The financial implications of inaccurate claims can be significant, which HMRC issues fines of up to £6,000 per driver. AutoTrip ensures HMRC compliance, accurately recording and saving all of your trips. Every mileage claim you submit is 100% HMRC compliant showing a start point, end point, distance and purpose for every trip. You’ll have the added benefit of seeing each trip on a map, making it simple to allocate which trip is business or private.  AutoTrip keeps an accurate digital record of submitted mileage claims, giving searchable, granular detail of each.
HMRC compliant - The Most Accurate Business Mileage Solution

Create Operational Efficiency

AutoTrip streamlines your expense process for business mileage claims, from every journey driven through to the reimbursement.

Streamline your operational processes by reducing hours of administration time per month. Mileage reimbursements are not only cumbersome for drivers but often result in hours of mileage administration for management and accounts. AutoTrip ensures an efficient flow of mileage claims submitted to the business, providing a clear breakdown for management and/or accounts to approve and track expense claims, easing the burden of the reimbursement process. AutoTrip is a simple and efficient mileage reclaim solution, providing a low-cost solution to streamline operations and create efficiency.
Streamlined mileage process - automate business mileage claims with our GPS Mileage Tracker

Empower Decision Making

AutoTrip enables operational and financial efficiency through accurate, reliable mileage data.

Using your mileage data to inform company policy can help unlock efficiency gains and empower decision-making. With accurate mileage data, the business can effectively manage mileage reimbursement policy, their fleet structure, and financial spend. You’ll accurately capture all business mileage for your fleet cars, understand travel patterns and accurately forecast mileage expenses with our best in class GPS device and mileage claim solution.

AutoTrip Integartion

Suitable for businesses of all sizes

AutoTrip is a suitable mileage claim solution is for sole traders, SME’s and large corporate fleets.

AutoTrip is the perfect mileage claim solution for any business. Whether you are a sole trader looking for a way to automatically record your business mileage, or a manager looking to streamline all mileage expenses and mileage claims, our solution provides a simple way of managing your business mileage. Better yet, it’s a low-cost alternative to traditional fleet telematics, one which can be installed and setup in a matter of minutes.
Businesses of all sizes - automate business mileage claims with our GPS Mileage Tracker

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