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Bringing a new way to manage mileage

At Autotrip, we believe it’s about time to completely automate the mileage claim process.

We want to create a world where you don’t have to stress about travel expenses, so that you can focus on the things that matter to you, and your business.

The team

Who are these humans behind it all? Hover around to get to know some of our team!

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James Finlayson

Managing Director

James is a serial entrepreneur hailing originally from Australia. He has years of experience in founding, managing and investing in a range of businesses, as well as a peanut butter provider (which bodes well for us).

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Brook Kennedy

Commercial Lead

Brook brings a wealth of commercial knowledge to our team, having worked across sales and product within the financial services sector. When he’s not training for his next endurance challenge you’ll find him travelling through Europe!

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Costas Basdekis

Tech Lead

Costas is our tech lead, experienced in web development and Python. He strives to drive our business to success with agile development whilst also being rather agile on the squash court.

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Nuno Pereira

Marketing Manager

Nuno is the embodiment of a team player. He’s 'that guy' who’s always out on his weekends meeting new people. He uses his strong charisma to ensure strong communication from our team.

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Tom Fernandez

Customer Operations Manager

Tom started his very own business at the mere age of 12, finding a great opportunity selling his parent’s DVDs on his playground. Since then, Tom has worked for many start ups and makes sure you are looked after.

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Roy Hanley

Software Developer

Roy is the all important software developer, also experienced in Python. He plays a key role in the design and maintenance of our software - and is also a true lover of all cats and gluten free fish fingers.

Our investors & partners

We are supported by investors who believe in a world without paperwork and manual logbooks.

The Autotrip team is resilient and extremely focused on developing the next generation of products for fleet operators. In developing new technology offering, they have never lost sight of their goal to maximise uptake of new customers.

Flavia Richardson

Portfolio Manager,

London Co-Investment Fund

The Sustainable Accelerator is delighted to have Autotrip as a member of our 2017/18 cohort. Operating at the confluence of Cleantech and Fintech, and with best in class development and management teams, the business is well positioned to play a major role in the transformation of the UK’s fleet management sector.

Chris Morris

Managing Partner,

Sustainable Accelerator

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