Automated Mileage Claims

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Streamlining the Mileage Claims Process.


AutoTrip provides a GPS device and simple to use software that automatically records driving trips into accurate mileage claim reports with maps of each trip. Personal trips are kept private just to you.

Equally suitable for company cars, pool cars or staff owned vehicles (grey fleet) from just one vehicle to fleets of thousands.

Who’s AutoTrip for?

The Driver

Whether you have a company car and need to submit claims for the fuel you have paid for or if you are making mileage claims for use of your own vehicle on business, AutoTrip will automate this for you. Set up reports with an agreed mileage amount and at the click of a button you have an extremely accurate, itemised claim totalling the amount you are owed. The likelihood of missing a claim is eliminated saving you money and with simple automated reports saves time for everyone, speeding up the process to receive the money owed to you faster. Personal trips are kept just that, private to you.

The Business

AutoTrip is a very cost-effective innovation that will improve productivity and save your business money. Every trips mileage is extremely accurate and has a link to a map of the route taken of the trip for full accountability. Driving staff save time. Accounting staff save time. Mobile productivity for the modern workforce is better managed. VAT is subtotalled for simple accounting. Each claim is 100% HMRC compliant. Missing vehicles can be traced. Suitable for company cars, pool fleets, staff owned vehicles (grey fleet). Energy saving opportunities can be identified. CO2 totals are included with every report.

How it Works

Automate your mileage claims in minutes.



We’ll send a pre-configured, plug-and-play GPS device for all your vehicles.



Our GPS device automatically records and saves all your trips to a private account.



Review your mileage claim before sending it off for approval with just a click of a button.

We automatically record all your business mileage so you don’t have to.


Boost productivity and automatically calculate your mileage reimbursement with AutoTrip’s GPS device and expensing solution.

  • Save valuable time.
  • Accurately capture your mileage.
  • Ensure HMRC compliance.
  • Manage your mileage claims.
  • Reports in minutes.
Great user experience - automate business mileage claims
Advanced-features - GPS tracker with a HMRC compliant mileage rate - Autotrip


Manage your mileage claims automatically with an easy to install GPS device and online account.

  • Smart categorisation.
  • Access anywhere software.
  • CO2 emissions reporting.
  • Automate VAT reclaims.

It has never been easier to automate the end-to-end process for mileage expenses. Get started with AutoTrip now!

AutoTrip is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Anyone who needs to automatically track mileage and submit accurate mileage reports will benefit.


  • Steven Davies
    Steven Davies Temple West Accounting

    I like how easy it is to download detailed mileage reports straight into Excel, and it now takes me just 10 minutes to do my mileage claims each month.

  • Jane Brooks
    Jane Brooks Finance Manager

    The company now has accurate mileage reports that are fully HMRC compliant. I saves me and our drivers a huge amount of time!

  • David Jinks
    David Jinks Decorator

    Thanks to AutoTrip, I now claim my full mileage allowance where before I usually wouldn't bother. I'm amazed how much it adds up!

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Find out how to get started for your business by clicking here

Featured by

Find out how to get started for your business by clicking here

AutoTrip is a digital mileage solution that automates the end-to-end mileage reimbursement process.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, we can help you accurately record and report all your mileage automatically, and submit 100% HMRC compliant in just the click of a button. Our GPS device is easy to install, saving you the time and hassle of manual mileage logs. With an AutoTrip online account, you can view all your trips instantly, selecting those you wish to be reimbursed for. It really is that simple!

All you need to do is:







Fill in the form to get started with AutoTrip, or contact one of our friendly staff members on 020 3884 0053 and we will explain to you your cost savings with AutoTrip.

Get started with AutoTrip now!

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